Biography                            Life and Career     of                Dr. Faye Rison

Faye was born in the oldest Texas town of Nacogdoches, in a small community called Sand Hill, Texas. She is the second oldest in a family of eight: Alton, Nell Archie, Donald, Robert, Roy and Michele. This was the beginning of Dr. Faye’s altruistic behavior in her life. Her Mother, Rebecca Rison, give praise and positive reinforcement for random acts of kindness.  As Mama’s Helper, she did the house work, cooked, cared for the babies, and helped in the Beauty Shop.

During high school, Faye was an outstanding student who was always listed on the honor roll. Upon graduation, her chosen profession was nursing, because it gave her an opportunity to help others. When she applied  for  Prairie View A & M College, her  teacher Mrs. Esther  Benton  wrote, “ She  is  brilliant,  maybe  the  smartest  student that  I have ever  taught,  but most  of  all she is  a natural helper and friend to others.” She graduated in May, 1964, and moved to Denver.

Dr, Faye was a professor of Human Services at Metropolitan State College of Denver for 30 years. As one of the first faculty members, she helped to develop the Department by writing and developing several course including; Small Group Dynamics: Theory and Experiences, Crisis Intervention and Legal Issues, Gerontology, Group Facilitation and Group Counseling, Human Services Conference Design, Family Functions: Dysfunction and Therapy, Supervisory Techniques for Health Care and Human Service Practicum. As   faculty adviser, Dr.  Rison helped to organize yearly trips to Africa for about ten years for students. Many students had life changing experiences during these trips to Egypt, Senegal, Morocco, Botswana, South Africa and many other African countries. As a result of making many new friends, Dr. Rison sponsored two young women from Ethiopian to become US citizens.

Dr. Faye is now enjoying her Retirement years, but is still active as a leader and founder of several projects: Urban League Black Aids Project AT Large, Susan G. Komen   Sister-To- Sister Breast Cancer Awareness Project and Sertoma’s, Toys and Books for Kids. For the past 10 years, “Toys and Books for Kids” provided children with Christmas gifts at the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library. Greater Park Hill Sertoma and volunteers gives books, toys, refreshment to 100 to 250 kids each year. The kids also have the opportunity to take pictures with a Black Santa Clause. Parents and grandparents are known to keep these pictures for years as family treasures.

As a host of Airbnb, she is now providing rooms in her home to welcome travelers and as a member she lives with families as she enjoys local and foreign traveling. Dr. Faye continues to work as a nurse companion, traveling nurse, travel consultant and serving as a health care provided.

Dr.  Faye Rison is the mother of Sondra Scott, who lives in Denver and is a flight attendant for United Airlines, which affords them travel privileges. She is the proud Grandmother of Phillip Scott who resides in her home while attending Pickens Technical College to become a welder.

Interests includes, local and world traveling which is her opportunity to explore compelling history, gain cultural insight and learn new traditions. She enjoys home improvement, gardening, crochet and sewing, community and political involvement, genealogy, family history and friends.

Local and World Travel    Includes: USA, (Most states), including Hawaii. Cities in Canada and Mexico.  Africa; Morocco,  Senegal,  Nigeria, Egypt,  Namibia, Botswana, South Africa,  Kenya, Also Peru,  Venezuela, Spain,  France, England, Norway,  Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, Rome, Greece, Italy,   and the  Caribbean; Jamaica, Puerto Rico,  St. Thomas, Bahamas.